Saturday, April 2, 2011

Risale-i Nur

The reason that in the Twenty-Sixth Word, the thirty-three Words, thirty-three Letters, thirty-one Flashes, and thirteen Rays are called the Risale-i Nur is this: throughout my life the word 'Nur' (light) has everywhere confronted me. For instance, my village was Nurs, my late mother's name was Nuriye, my Naqshi master was Sayyid Nur Muhammad, one of my Qadiri masters was Nuruddin, one of my Qur'an masters was Nuri, and of my students those most attached to me have been those with Nur in their names. (But how strange it is that there is no one among the important Risale-i Nur students with the name Nuri.) And what elucidates and illumines my books most are the comparisons about light. And what has solved most of my difficulties related to the Divine truths is the luminous Name of Nur, out of the Most Beautiful Names. And my particular leader in my passionate enthusiasm for the Qur'an and my restricting my service to it, is 'Uthman Dhi'l-Nurayn (may God be pleased with him).

Reference: Nursi, B. S. (2006). The Rays Collection. (4th ed.). Istanbul: Sozler Nesriyat A.S.

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