Friday, March 5, 2010

Rules of the game!


36. A student who fails in a course, subject to the specific requirements of the Kulliyyah and the curriculum of his/her programme of studies, may do either of the following: 

36.1 Repeat the same course if the course is classified as a “CORE” or “REQUIRED” course; or

36.2 Replace the course with another course if it is classified as “SUPPORTIVE” or “ELECTIVE” or “OPTIONAL” as determined by the Kulliyyah.


37.1 The number of times a student is allowed to repeat a required course is twice. The number of times a student can repeat an elective or optional course is only once and henceforth the student may only be allowed to replace such a course with another course.

37.2 A student has to repeat the course immediately when the course is offered. The monitoring is done by the Kulliyyah. Such repeating may be by full attendance at lectures or by independent study or in any other way approved by the Dean of the Kulliyyah. The credit and grade from each repeat course shall be computed in the CGPA as an additional credit and grade.

37.3 Notwithstanding any other provisions of these Regulations, special permission can be given to final year students to repeat a course which they have failed three times provided the CGPA is above 2.00.


80. A student shall be dismissed from the University if:

80.1 he receives a CGPA of less than 1.67 or

80.2 he fails to earn a CGPA of 2.00 or better while on probationary status or

80.3 he fails a course (with a grade of “F” or “Y”) on the third attempt or

80.4 he fails (with a grade of “F” or “Y”) in more than 2 Kulliyyah courses and the 1.67 < CGPA < 2.00.

80.5 he receives a 1.67 < CGPA < 2.00 for the third time which is nonconsecutive during his period of studies.

The University also reserves the right to bar, suspend or dismiss any student from the University or any of its classes whenever, in the interest of the University, such action is deemed advisable.

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