Friday, October 15, 2010

Horseshoe crab

Rupa-rupanya horseshoe crab dalam Bahasa Melayu bernama belangkas. Menariknya, haiwan ini merupakan haiwan pra-sejarah yang masih wujud sehingga sekarang.

As the HSC does not have an immune system, as do the vertebrates, microbial defense is left to a humoral system.

One can only speculate that early HSCs, known to us through the fossil record, had a similar system and that the protection from infection it provided contributed to the HSC’s survival through the millennia.

Reference: Novitsky TJ (2009) Biomedical Applications of Limulus Amebocyte Lysate. In: J.T Tanacredi et.al (eds) Biology and Conservation of Horseshoe Crabs, Springer Science+Business Media,New York, pg. 316

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Shamel said...

Haha. Ni baru tau lpas buat report ke? Aku pon baru tau time lecture ari tu time dr tnjuk gamba.