Monday, October 11, 2010

Pisang untuk lelaki

Dipetik daripada The Star

Urologist: Banana can improve man fertility
MEN can improve their fertility by eating a banana every three days, reported Sin Chew Daily.
Quoting a Singaporean urologist, the daily reported that the fruit can increase sperm count as it contains high level of magnesium to produce sperm cells.

Taking food like cashew nuts, potato, spaghetti and seafood will also have a similar effect, according to the doctor.

He advised men to avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, taking a hot shower or spending time in a sauna as these can affect the production of sperm.

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ezud zaliy said...

wow... pisang mestilah first-line utk merawat infertility kan... safety profile yg sgt bagus, boleh makan banyak giler... n cost-effective... huhu

ps: sila komen design study yg dibuat... huhu